Our Mission and Objectives

Our Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

Circles of Support and Accountability aims to substantially reduce the risk of future sexual victimization of community members by assisting and supporting released individuals in integrating with the community and leading a responsible, productive, and accountable life.


CoSA works with former offenders, who we refer to as “Core Members”, who have been held in prison to the end of their sentence and typically have little or no community support and are considered a high-risk to re-offend.

Although imprisoning offenders accomplishes the short term objective of ensuring public safety, most are eventually released and return to communities with minimal or no support and very little in the way of accountability. Core members seek CoSA’s help voluntarily, to assist with reintegration challenges and to desist from reoffending.

CoSA’s objectives are: No More Victims and No One is Disposable – with the firm belief that people who want help CAN change and deserve support to lead a meaningful, crime-free life.