Volunteers Wanted: Board Members

CoSA Canada is looking for volunteers to join our board. The CoSA Canada Board of Directors is an administrative board tasked with spearheading the operations of CoSA Canada, as well as with developing strategy and policies for the organization. Board members play a key role in setting the direction and priorities of CoSA Canada—this is a great way to make a substantial contribution.

We are especially looking for representatives in the Ottawa area, but we are interested in hearing from candidates around the country. Ideally, candidates should have prior board experience and a history of involvement in CoSA, restorative justice, law, corrections, or mental health. We are specifically looking for volunteers who are interested in filling the role of Treasurer. Professional accreditation in accounting or financial management would be an asset.

We encourage our supporters to canvass their networks, including outside of the CoSA community.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please contact us.